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first visit
first visit

Getting a good start on your child’s dental care is a top priority for us. Our goal on the first visit is to establish a positive relationship between your child and our dental staff.

We suggest children have their first exam no later than age 2, sooner if parents notice brown
or black spots on the teeth.

  • During this first visit we will examine your child's facial and dental development and take digital radiographs if they cooperate.
  • We will also review our recommendations on brushing, flossing, fluoride and any habits your child may have. We will do everything possible to make this happen.
  • Many children do not feel comfortable sitting in the dental chair on their first visit, so we often examine them sitting on you lap. Very young children feel more secure laying on their parents and the doctors knees.

The bottom line is our team is flexible and will adapt to your child needs.

You can help by being a positive role model with your own dental health. If you avoid sweet snacks and "junk food" your child will not learn these poor habits. Also if your kids see you brushing after breakfast and before bed, they will better mirror your example.

baby brushing her teeth


Please try not to be nervous or apprehensive when you discuss the dental visit with your child. Avoid words like “hurt” and “pain.” Bookstores and libraries have very simple “first dental visit” books to read with your child prior to a first appointment.

Together we can make visits
to the dentist fun for life!

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